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Top 5 Considerations When Buying Retractable Awnings

The purpose of retractable awnings is to provide shade on your patio, cover for rain and wind shield for your home or business premises. Apart from their usefulness; they are also great for aesthetics due to their many patterns and colors. Here are some of the considerations to make before purchasing retractable awnings for your home or business premises.


Quality of the motorized awnings is one of the most important considerations. The materials used to manufacture the awnings are the utmost determinants of their quality. High Quality fabric and metal make the best awnings. Choose awnings whose fabric is fully waterproof, is easy to clean, does not fade and shields against the sun's UV radiation. Aluminum is the best suited metal since it is lightweight, strong and does not rust. It goes without saying that retractable awnings made with good quality materials obviously have more longevity. Seals of approval from reputable organizations can help you determine the quality of the retractable awnings.


Another important consideration is the cost of the retractable awning. Most often, the more expensive the awnings, the more durable they are. While cheaper awnings serve the purpose just as well, they don't last as long as their more costly counterparts. They may also require more maintenance over time. Choose the best quality awnings that you can afford under your financial situation.


Retractable awnings are usually motorized or manual by design. Manual retractable awnings are operated by hand but the motorized ones are operate by remote control. The main advantage with manual retractable awnings over the electric retractable awnings is that they cannot suffer electric malfunction but they are dependent on a person operating them. Electric awnings on the other hand are more convenient but may be more expensive to maintain due to repairs needed in case of an electric malfunction.


Consider how the awnings complement the design and painting of your house or business premises. Retractable awnings come in different designs, sizes, styles and colors. Although this consideration is more personal and about beauty, it is just as important as the others. When choosing retractable awnings, aesthetics are important and the general outlook of your house after their installation.


Consider the warranties and guarantees that come with the retractable awnings. Look for awnings that offer a minimum of five year warranties. A warranty is useful in getting replacement awnings at no extra expense in case they get damaged before the expiration of the warranty.